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Photo Realistic

Highest Photo Quality For Complex Multi-Color Designs

The Photo Realistic print mat is made from the same 32ounce carpet as our Classic High Definition print mat but it uses an advanced printing process that can blend up to 20 colors to create an impressive photo-quality image, which makes people stop and look!

Permanent no-fade digital injected dyes from our pallet of 130 colors, coupled with full-bleed printing, produces a mat which will enhance any event or area in which it is used.

The Photo Realistic print mat comes with rubber backing and edging to prevent slips and falls.

Sizes: from 2’ x 3’ up to 6’ x 20’ in one-foot increments.

The finished mat will be slightly smaller (up to 2.5%) than the stated mat size due to shrinkage which occurs during the manufacturing process

Ideal Placement

Where High Definition Photo Quality Imaging Is Required

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