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Classic Print Mat

A Cost-Effective Solution for Short Term Promotions

The Classic Print Mat is the ideal print mat for medium to short-term promotions, where low cost is the deciding factor.

It’s made from a lighter 27-ounce nylon carpet with a non-skid 100% recycled vinyl smooth backing. The serged edging gives the mat a clean, professional, finished look.

Choose from the same color range and printing quality as our Classic High Definition print mats but at half the cost.

Being a lighter carpet, they are easy to roll and store until the next promotion cycle.

The Classic Print Mat is a cost-effective promotional mat that can be used anywhere you want your logo and message to be seen.

Sizes: up to 50″ wide and 96″ in length.

The finished mat will be slightly smaller (up to 2.5%) than the stated mat size due to shrinkage which occurs during the manufacturing process

Ideal Placement

Retail Stores • Product Display Areas • Product launches • Real Estate Open Houses

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