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Branding • Promotion • Point of Purchase

Media Print Mats present a functional and cost-effective way of using the uncluttered floor space, or countertops, to promote products or to introduce special offers.

View Media Print Mats as indoor billboards that offer a unique way to create brand awareness and promote impulse buying.

Counter-top size mats are an excellent way to promote brands, products and special offers at the cash register.

The mat is made from a thin non-slip rubber and has a four-color printed easily cleaned laminated surface.

Unlike traditional adhesive floor advertising mats, Media Print Mats are both movable and reusable.

Sizes: Counter mats are available from 12” x 12”,
Floor mats: 2’ x 3’, 3’ x 4’, 3’ x 5 ’, 4’ x 6’

The finished mat will be slightly smaller (up to 2.5%) than the stated mat size due to shrinkage which occurs during the manufacturing process

Ideal Placement

Retail Entryways • Checkout Counters • POP Displays • Product Displays • Special Promotions

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